Converting Torpedo Parker Lights on a Traction to Combination Parker/Indicators by Bruce Stringer

My brother Peter and I have been restoring a beautiful Big 6 belonging to Michael Moore The rear traffic indicators needed to be replaced and I decided to convert the whole trafficator system to LED. I wanted a combination tail, indicator and stop light for the rear and to change the Torpedo parking lights on the front mudguards into combination parkers and indicators. The advantage I had was the Torpedo lights were already wired with a double pole socket. I just needed to find a bulb to do the job and get an LED Flasher Unit.
There is already a conversion kit available for the Torpedo light but it is not LED and it was going to cost more than the LED bulbs and Flasher Unit. See photo of Conversion Kit and hover for link.

Conversion Kit

A single contact Torpedo can be converted to a double contact. See photo and hover for link.After much searching on the web I found CREE 1157 Switchback LED bulbs which are found on modern cars and are a combination of parker/indicator. They change colour from white to orange when the indicator is turned on. They come in all shapes and sizes and even as strip lighting. There are quite a few with the correct bayonet size and double contact connection (BAY15D) for the Lucas Torpedo light fitting on the Traction front mudguard. I chose a pair that threw the light forward and ordered them from China. The postage was too expensive out of the US until my brother decided he wanted some and found them on special in the US with free postage to Australia!! He ordered x 4 pair. The size of the LED bulb allowed it to fit just neatly into the available space.


Next I found a pair of retro chrome combination tail/stop/indicator LED lights that I felt quite suited the car and also gave a bright display that couldn’t be missed.

Last but not least I needed a LED flasher unit. I settled for a Tridon LED 04 Non Load Sensitive 2 pin 12V unit to connect to the existing wiring. The existing wiring included small indicator lights which were on an additional miniature dashboard attached on the lower right hand side of the main dashboard. Hence, the reason for using a Non Load sensitive LED Flasher unit.


I was very pleased that it worked without any hiccups and as an added bonus the flasher box was audible making a loud clicking sound. See photos of the end result.



If one is contemplating converting an existing Torpedo light into a parker/indicator combination I would do the maths as it may be cheaper to buy the conversion kit. When changing to LED all lights have to be changed to LED front & back plus the Flasher Unit. That all adds up. My costs were already reduced as the Torpedo lights already had double contacts and the cost of the tail light, flasher, stop combination was irrelevant in this case as they needed replacing.
This article will also appear in a future edition of Front Drive
Bruce Stringer

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I have had reports over the last few years of erratic steering involving tractions, the first was described to me like this “the car steers fine until I hit a bump, then it pulls to the left, I hit another bump and it is fine again”, what do you think is wrong with it?

The second case was a newly restored car that had not long passed a roadworthy but described similar symptoms. In both cases the problem was traced to a loose steering arm where it passes through the front wheel hub.

These arms which connect to the steering rods and are fitted to the hubs with a taper and woodruff key are secured with a cassellated nut and split pin and had over the years worked loose to the extent the woodruff key had worn very badly and the arms could move in their tapers. In both instances removal, cleaning and refitting with a new key cured the problem.

I am issuing this warning because none of these arms appeared loose on inspection and were not noticeably loose on removal, as these arms move it affects the wheel alignment causing the erratic steering symptoms, so if you are restoring or just servicing your traction these arms should be included on your checklist.

Neither of these cars had been fitted with a power steering modification but highlights the need to carry out checks on all steering components before doing so. I have highlighted the need for this in the fitting instructions but have not specifically mentioned these steering arms as it is only recently the second case came to my attention.


In the parts diagram below the steering arm part numbers are 427189 RH & 427190 LH, the woodruff key and retaining nut are clearly visible. 

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Tom Campbell

10.1.1942 ~ 6.1.2017
Aged 74 years
Late of Glebe

Cherished husband of Helen.

Brilliant father and father-in-law of Genevieve and Roger.
Jolly Sir Thomas Pep to Matilda and Josephine.
Adored twin brother of Janet and loved elder brother of Sue and Judy.

Family and friends of Tom are invited to attend his Funeral Service to be held at The Refectory, Holme Building at Sydney University, Science Road, Camperdown on Friday January 13, 2017 commencing at 11.00 am. A private cremation will follow.

In lieu of flowers, donations to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse would be appreciated, envelopes will be available at the service.

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Door Open Warning Light by Peter Stringer

What traction owner hasn’t experienced or heard of those suicuide doors swinging open unexpectedly and testing those coronory arteries. Well  after experiencing such an event Peter Stringer thought he would do something about it. Click on the link for an interesting read.  Door open warning light by Peter Stringer

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Oz-Traction Naracoorte 2016 by Liz Pike

At this year’s Oz-Traction, members of Club Citroën South Australia (CCSA)  were invited to join. We have already heard what a great success it was from Ted Cross & now we have a South Australian version of the event by Liz Pike who  kindly offered to share the article she wrote for the CCSA magazine. To read Liz’s article and see some pics click on the link. Oz -Traction Naracoorte 2016 by Liz Pike

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