Club Advertising Information

Only items relating to Citroen are advertised for sale on this site. Ie. Citroen vehicles, parts, tools, books, models, posters, badges, memorabilia. Modern non classic Citroëns of non members are not advertised.

Members  and Non-Members  need to contact the Website Manager to organise  advertising.

For members advertising is free.

For non-members  advertising any item is at the discretion of the Club Committee and there is a fee. For vehicles it is $40.00   Once all the details are arranged a form will be sent for payment by PayPal or card. All club members will be notified when the add is placed.

Adds will run for three months and then be removed. Advertising may continue for a longer period for a club member if required.  The club will not be responsible for the advertised information supplied by the seller.

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