Club Permit Scheme for Victoria

Club & Members responsibilities under this scheme

Under the Victorian Club Permit Scheme (CPS) one of the scheme’s requirements is for car clubs to keep a record of permits and their expiry dates and inform VicRoads if a permit holder membership lapses. VicRoads has already removed clubs from the permit scheme for not complying with its CPS requirements.

Victorian CCOCA members and the club need to be vigilant in complying with these rules to avoid being removed from the scheme, in particular keeping memberships current. 

Under the Club’s constitution if a member is more than three months overdue in a renewal payment then the membership is considered to have lapsed & VicRoads has to be notified if the member has a permit that was issued by the Club. The permit also becomes invalid at the same time. ie the day the three months grace is up.

Remember if a permit is invalid the car automatically becomes unregistered. One then has to start again from scratch for a new Club Plate Permit with a new roadworthy certificate etc.

Existing vehicle(s) on this scheme & Club Plate Renewal

  • When renewing your permit you will probably need to sign a new declaration that your vehicle has not been modified since the last renewal. (We have not seen a renewal under the new scheme yet to confirm the actual wording )
  • Your next renewal will allow up to only three months delay for payment/renewal – thereafter the permit will expire and a full renewal under the new guidelines will be required.
  • You must keep your CPS vehicle in roadworthy condition at all times and any new modifications must meet new guidelines.
  • If VicRoads identifies your vehicle as being modified or un-roadworthy, CCOCA will be required by VicRoads  to re-assess your vehicle in accordance with new rules. They are not actively targeting existing vehicles in this regard and CCOCA is also not planning to review existing vehicles either.

Renewing Club Plates 

 New CPS permit
There are several considerations.

  • If your vehicle was manufactured before 31 December 1948 your CCOCA Safety Officer can still undertake a Safety inspection. If your vehicle has been modified beyond what is permitted by VicRoads then a RWC and VASS could still be requested no matter what is the age of the vehicle. This will always be at the discretion of the Safety Officer and is not negotiable.
  • Your Safety Officer will complete a Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration in every case.
  • If your car was manufactured after 1948  a full RWC is now required. This is satisfactory proof for VicRoads and our Safety Officer  that your vehicle is roadworthy.
  • Certain modifications are permitted up to 31/12/1968 – ( and up to 31/12/1972 for some of these accepted modifications ).
  • If your car is imported or never registered in Australia then a full VASS certificate will be required (after 31/12/1968 manufacture date ).
  • Four dated photos of your vehicle will need to be provided with your application. These need to be front, side, back and side with driver’s door open.
  • CCOCA will keep copies of all applications and photos and maintain a register which may be inspected by VicRoads at any time.

About to Arrange a Classic/Historic Permit for your Citroen?

CH permit applications must be accompanied by a RWC or to have been inspected and approved by one of the Club’s Safety Officers. The onus is on owners to demonstrate that their cars are safe. Feel free to consult our Permit Officers for advice regarding getting your car on the road, and keeping it there.

Previous correspondence in relation to the introduction of the new CPS scheme.

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