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For Sale

1964 DS19 BVH Motor and gearbox

Rare as Rocking Horse poo!! Well almost!!  1964 DS19 BVH. A completely restored rolling chassis which has been stripped back to bare metal, primed, undercoated and finished in 75% 2 pack black. Must be seen to be believed. It comes with the following….Motor and gearbox still mounted in a rolling front section of the original car
that was wrecked many years ago because of rust.
All hydraulic components, gear change, pump, brain, drive shafts, wheels, radiator etc. still in position.
The front was cut at the A pillar and includes the fire wall forward and has been stored in a dry shed. A full set of body panels for restoration, all glass, front and rear bumpers and a set of seats and door cards from the oridinal DS19. This is a restoration was started here in Gayndah but time has beaten us. We hope that someone will take this amazing projest on and finish what must be one of the rarest DS19’s in this country. Also included are some new parts and very special pieces specific to the early DS.
Can easily be loaded for transport as it is a rolling unit.
This is a rare opportunity to purchase an extremely desirable DS19.
Price $17,500.00.  For more details please contact Peter Huth anytime on Mob. 0419649499 or Email


1924 Citroen 5CV – 3 owner car with full history

I purchased the car in 1970 from a guy called Denis Elliot who lived at Streaky Bay on South Australia’s West Coast. The car was living in a deserted fowl shed. Elliot had been given the car by his spinster aunties who had owned it from new.

The best feature of the car was that it was totally complete – nothing missing (not a thing). The fact that it was slow most probably saved its life because even a set of wide rims and tires fitted to the rear of the car did not make it fast enough for the young Elliot to go kangaroo shooting so it got parked in the chook shed and not touched.

That’s where I found it. The two Elliot sisters rarely used the car and in fact I was told that its weekly outing to church was one of the biggest things in its life. I paid $350 (plus a lot of beers in the local pub) for the car. I had it trucked to Adelaide by a local West Coast carrier and delivered to Port Adelaide for me to collect.

When I came to collect the car at Port Adelaide one of the workers there was waiting for me to tell me he had a trailer with the same wheels as my car but that he couldn’t get tires and could I help him.

 I suggested a swap of the two fattened wheels (Vanguard) with good tires off the back of my car for his trailer wheels would solve his problem – the deal was done.I took the car home, changed the plugs, changed the oil and filled the tank with fuel. Two or  three turns on the crank handle and it fired into life. The question was should I restore the car or leave it in its basically good original state (there was some surface rust).

I chose the option of leaving it as it was for the time being. I ran it in several rallies and even entered it in a Citroen Club motocross event at Mt Crawford forest in the Adelaide Hills and won the day. I was a very wet day, the course was very boggy and the more modern Citroen cars had considerable trouble gaining traction and staying straight. The 5CV with its big diameter wheels and narrow tires found grip under the mud. The fact that the car was not overly quick but had plenty of torque made it very easy to take home the trophy very much to the surprise of those there.

In in the end I decided to restore the car because atmospheric moisture was progressing the surface rust.

It has undergone a total rebuild including paint, new hood, new steering wheel and radiator bdge, new leather upholstery with the original door pockets with the embossed leather Citroen logo and new beaded edge tyres.

The car’s body was made by T J Richards in Adelaide and what is interesting is that there is a 1924 Amilcar in Adelaide with an identical body except for the bonnet and radiator. It was also the same colour.

I have a lot of books on early Citroens and some 5CV parts which I am happy to sell with the car. I have owned quite a few Citroens including a Big Six Traction, two Light Fifteens, several 2CVs a ID 20 and a CX 2400. The 5CV is all I have left of my Citroen past.

I am asking $25,000 or near offer. By arrangement I could deliver the car.

Richard Fewster       Mb. 0418 820 209