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I have some parts for sale as identified in the photos. Three headlight support bosses. And 1 speedo cable $100 the lot.

Eric Bishop   0409 452 170



Vintage Moped, see photo, more available upon request
Around 1970 vintage, runs well, new tyres and tubes, new fuel tank, good fun but time for someone else to enjoy. 
No idea what a Solex is worth but asking $2,500 and open to offers.

Jon Faine, North Fitzroy


Parts from a 1974 DS
I have a lot of parts from a 1974 DS that I have wrecked including the striped down frame and roof. If anyone is looking for a part they can call me on 0429966144 .
Dennis Collins

Traction parts. Contact: Kilian Mcnamara Mb: 0425 371 952

Sale of Club Spare Parts

B6 Engine Gasket set $355.50 less 20% (X1)
B6 Gearbox gasket set $75.85 less 20% (X1)
B6 Water Pump housing $280.19 less 30% (X1)
ID 19 Big end big 0.5 less $120 less 25% (will fit traction with ID rods)
ID 19 Spark Plug Tube gasket $11.30 each less 20%
ID 19 Water Pump Impeller& Shaft $117.36 less 25%
2CV oil filter $15 less 30% (X5)2CV Retro Power 12v to 6v $90.70 less 30%
Traction Brake pipes front (new manufactured) $50.45 less 20%
Traction Brake pipe rear (shorter) $25 less 20%
Universal joint inner d/shaft $78 less 25%


For Sale

Rob Little is disposing of some stock: Ph. (03)58231397 or

Reproduced hydraulic tank decals to suit ID’s, DS’s and even the odd 6H up to 1962, I believe they were changed in 1963. Good quality adhesive backing. $30.00 each plus postage if applicable.

DS Hydraulic Tank decal


Attention “D” owners (’65-’75)
We  have for sale RH drive gearshift rubbers,
p/no DV856-124 to fit 1970’s onward
They are selling in the U.K. for 25.00 GBP.
These were commissioned by Richard Kennedy in Tasmania some time ago. If you have a manual “D” you will need to put one into your kit of spares for future, if not immediate use as most cars are in need of these items as they age.

Gear shift rubbers

Price $20.00 each. (clearance price)