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2024Loui Burke, Phil WardFront Drive June July 20242 CV, 2CV 4x4Raid 2016, Totally Traction, [Not a] Member's ModelChris Bailey2024loui-burke phil-ward2cv 2cv-4x4raid-2016 totally-traction not-a-members-modelchris-bailey
2024Bauke Meijer, Chris Bailey, Citroenian, John Freemandemarreur Vol 5 no 1 May 20245CV, TractionEngrenages Citroen 111, For the Love of Tractions, In the Limelight, Les Jouets Andre CitroënB14F2024bauke-meijer chris-bailey citroenian john-freeman5cv tractionengrenages-citroen-111 for-the-love-of-tractions in-the-limelight les-jouets-andre-citroenb14f
2024Dave WheelerFront Drive Vol 48 No 1 April May 2024Big 15, Big 6, L15, TractionCanberra Boy Visits Corryong, Engrenages Citroën 11, Traction Grill BadgesDavid Belfrage, Loui Bourke2024dave-wheelerbig-15 big-6 l15 tractioncanberra-boy-visits-corryong engrenages-citroen-11 traction-grill-badgesdavid-belfrage loui-bourke
2024Citroenian, Floating Power, Immo Mikloweitdemarreur Vol 4 No 5VisaCitroën in Germany, Eastern Promise or Empty Promises (Oltcit), Engrenages Citroën, Gear Selectors2024citroenian floatng-power immo-mikloweitvisacitroen-in-germany eastern-promise-or-empty-promises-oltcit engrenages-citroen gear-selectors
2024Brian Wade, Chris Bailey, L'Automobile, Michael Sparke, Will HaganFront Drive Vol 47 No 5 Feb/March 2024GS, TractionGE Grande Export, Just ForgottenChris BaileyGS, Period Piece Local Road Test GS, The Great 6 and 7CV Corrida2024brian-wade chris-bailey lautomobile michael-sparke will-hagangs tractionge-grande-export just-forgottengs period-piece-local-road-test-gs the-great-6-and-7cv-corridachris-bailey
2024Auto & Design, Leigh Miles, Marzia Gandini, Robert Cumberford, Serge Bellu, Tom Ford, Top Geardemarreur Vol 4 No 4 January 2024C5, Traction30 Years Smashing Cars, Carrying the Can (C5), Citroën's Gamble (C5), Deutsch Marques, Fleche de Direction (semaphores), Intriguing Dual Personality (C5)Chris Bailey2024auto-design leigh-miles marzia-gandini robert-cumberford serge-bellu-peter-simmenauer tom-ford top-gearc5 traction30-years-smashing-cars carrying-the-can-c5 citroens-gamble-c5 deutsch-marques fleche-de-direction-semaphores intriguing-dual-personality-c5chris-bailey
2023Edoardo Nastri, Leigh MilesC5 XAgainst the Tide (C5X), Presents for Princesses2023edoardo-nastri leigh-milesc5-xagainst-the-tide-c5x presents-for-princesses
2023Chris Bailey, Christophe Bonnaud, Eoin Doyle, Leigh Miles, Phil Chidlow, roger Thiedemandemarreur Vol 4 No 3 November 2023Family 9All Seeing Eye (Xanae), In Depth with Dan Abramson, Racing Tractions in Ceylon, The Xanae StoryAli AzeezXsara2023chris-bailey christophe-bonnaud eoin-doyle leigh-miles phil-chidlow roger-thiedemanfamily-9all-seeing-eye-xanae in-depth-with-dan-abramson racing-tractions-in-ceylon the-xanae-storyxsaraali-azeez
2023Alan Brown, Chris Bailey, Motor, Okke GrootFront Drive Vol 47 No 3 October Nov 2023Traction, Visa, Visa Super XCitroen's Passport to Prosperity, Every Visa?, French Farming in the '90sGreg FienbergA Sporting Duel ( Visa/Ford Laser Sport)2023alan-brown chris-bailey motor okke-groottraction visa visa-super-xcitroens-passport-to-prosperity every-visa french-farming-in-the-90sa-sporting-duel-visa-ford-laser-sportgreg-fienberg
2023Chris Bailey, Dominique Bellere, Fabien Sabatès, Garth FoxwellFront Drive Vol 47 No 2 August September 2023C5, H Van, Traction50 Years With the Oldest HZ, From TUB to Jumper, Harry the H vanGarth Foxwell, Serge Doumergue2023chris-bailey dominique-bellere fabien-sabates garth-foxwellc5 h-van traction50-years-with-the-oldest-hz from-tub-to-jumper harry-the-h-vangarth-foxwell serge-doumergue
2023Chris Bailey, Malcolm Bobitt, Peter Stringer, Russell Wadedemarreur Vol 4 No 2 July 2023Bijou, TractionBijou: Special Report, Hello Dolly (about 2CV), Totally TractionSerge Doumergue2023chris-bailey malcolm-bobitt peter-stringer russell-wadebijou tractionbijou-special-report hello-dolly-about-2cv totally-tractionserge-doumergue
2023Chris Bailey, Citroenian, David Milloy, Europe Auto, Garth Foxwell, James Kraus, James WalshFront Drive Vol 47 No1 June July 20235CV, GS Birotor, Traction000Km in No 1 ((M35 Coupé), A Forgotten Centennial, Car Snobbery, Prodigy to Pariah (Birotor), The Wankel Motor2023chris-bailey citroenian david-milloy europe-auto garth-foxwell james-kraus james-walsh5cv gs-birotor traction000km-in-no-1-m35-coupe a-forgotten-centennial car-snobbery prodigy-to-pariah-birotor the-wankel-motor
2023Andrew Peel, Citroenian, Eric Favre, William Rankinedemarreur Vol 4 No 1 May 20235CV, B 2, L15, Light FifteenDiesel Delights, Mors the Merrier?, Nippon CitroënKenneth Johnson, Michael & Coral Dahl2023andrew-peel citroenian eric-favre william-rankine5cv b2 l15 light-fifteendiesel-delights mors-the-merrier nippon-citroenkenneth-johnson michael-coral-dahl
2023Christophe Bonnaud, Graeme Dennes, Max Lewis, Thierry AstierFront Drive Vol 46 No 6 April/May 20232 CV2CV, Polymorphic Family (A series), What's in a Name? (Andre Citroen)2023christophe-bonnaud graeme-dennes max-lewis thierry-astier2cv2cv polymorphic-family-a-series whats-in-a-name-andre-citroen
2023AutoExpress, Chris Bailey, Peter Riggall, Ton Lohmandemarreur Vol 3 No 5 March 2023ID, ID Safari, L15Citroen ID Almost a DS, Citroën In ChinaSven GadeAustralian Racers 11, Citroën C8 Papybus, Rover P6 vs Citroën D Special2023autoexpress chris-bailey peter-riggall ton-lohmanid id-safari l15citroen-id-almost-a-ds citroen-in-chinaaustralian-racers-11 citroen-c8-papybus rover-p6-vs-citroen-d-specialsven-gade
2023David Giddings, Leon Sims, Peter SandowFront Drive Vol 46 No 5 February/March 2023L15, Light Fifteen, Petite Rosalie "Yacco"Australian Racers, Chamberlain, Francois Lecot, the New Zealand RacersDavid Giddings, John Freeman, Leon Sims, Peter Sandow2023david-giddings leon-sims peter-sandowl15 light-fifteen petite-rosalie-yaccoaustralian-racers chamberlain francois-lecot the-new-zealand-racersdavid-giddings john-freeman leon-sims peter-sandow
2023Car, Gert Bue Larsen, Thierry Astier, Tim Wren, Youngtimer Magazinedemarreur Vol 3 No 4 January 2023Ami Super, XantiaXantia In all its FormsJohn AddenbroeckXantia2023car gert-bue-larsen thierry-astier tim-wren youngtimer-magazineami-super xantiaxantia-in-all-its-formsxantiajohn-addenbroeck
2022Car, MotorFront Drive Vol 46 No 4 Dec 2022 Jan 2023Ami SuperFlorence Thomson: Pioneer DriverJacques-Victor Mornai et Catherine Liabot-VerneAmi Super2022car motorami-superflorence-thomson-pioneer-driverami-superjacques-victor-mornai-et-catherine-liabot-verne
2022Leigh MilesFront Drive Vol 46 No 3 Oct /Nov 2022Don't Cry for Me Argentina (Citroën in Argentina)2022leigh-milesdont-cry-for-me-argentina
2022Jean-Michel Prillieuxdemarreur Vol 3 No 2 Sept 2022Amilcar C4, Amilcar E, Amilcar GAmilcar: A HistoryCraig Little, Len Jenkins, Ted CrossAmilcar & Bugatti2022jean-michel-prillieuxamilcar-c4 amilcar-e amilcar-gamilcar-a-historyamilcar-bugatticraig-little len-jenkins ted-cross
2022Phil ChidlowFront Drive Vol 46 No 2 Aug/Sept 2022P 103, P16, P28A better Rotary? (Wankel), Leading the Load (Vans), Making Tracks (Armoured Vehicles)2022phil-chidlowp-103 p16 p28a-better-rotary-wankel leading-the-load-vans making-tracks-armoured-vehicles
2022Front Drive Vol 46 No 1 June/July 2022Ami 8 EstateColin Bates2022ami-8-estatecolin-bates
2022Andrew Roberts, Classic Monthly, Traction Avant, What CarFront Drive Vol 45 No 6 April 2022Dyane1952 -55 Holding out for the DSLeigh MilesDyane 62022andrew-roberts classic-monthly traction-avant what-cardyane1952-55-holding-out-for-the-dsdyane-6leigh-miles
2022Bob MacQueen, Frances Gibson, Ian & Sharon Moore, Lucy Cutler, Peta Allingham, Practical Classicsdemarreur Vol 2 No 6 March 20222 CV2 CV Buying guide, Slough 2CVs, The Waimate Garage LegendFrances Gibson, Peta Allingham, Roger BrundleBuying a 2CV2022bob-macqueen frances-gibson ian-sharon-moore lucy-cutler peta-allingham practical-classics2cv2-cv-buying-guide slough-2cvs the-waimate-garage-legendbuying-a-2cv 2cv-typeazfrances-gibson peta-allingham roger-brundle
2022Alan Brown, Christophe Bonnaud, Emerick Houplain, Francois-Xavier Basse, Janine Pendleton, Richard Boudrias, What CarFront Drive Vol 45 No 5 Feb 2022BX, TractionA Day with Edna May the GSA, Air-Conditioning Your Traction, Bertone's BX Coupé, The French Counterattack, Unconventional Wisdom (BX)Ian Steele2022alan-brown christophe-bonnaud emerick-houplain francois-xavier-basse janine-pendleton richard-boudrias what-carbx tractiona-day-with-edna-may-the-gsa air-conditioning-your-traction bertones-bx-coupe the-french-counterattack unconventional-wisdom-bxian-steele
2021Camille Pinel, Gavin Braithwaite-SmithFront Drive Vol 45 No 4 Dec 2021 Jan 2022ZXNot Quite a Sleeping VolcanoZX2021camille-pinel gavin-braithwaite-smithzxnot-quite-a-sleeping-volcanozx
2021Classic & Sports Car, John Pressnell, John Reynolds, Leigh Miles, Per ÅhlströmFront Drive Vol 45 No 3 Oct Nov 20217C Roadster, 7C Traction, Big 6Budd & Bankruptcy (2nd installment), Citroën Indochine, Maigret and the Case of the Skid-Detecting Citroën, Tracking Change in SloughGraham & Margaret Tulett, John Freeman2021classic-sports-car john-pressnell john-reynolds leigh-miles per-ahlstrom7c-roadster 7c-traction big-6budd-bankruptcy-2nd-installment citroen-indochine maigret-and-the-case-of-the-skid-detecting-citroen tracking-change-in-sloughgraham-margaret-tulett john-freeman
2021Per Åhlströmdemarreur Vol 2 No 3 Sept 20215CV, B12, C6, KegresseBudd & Bankruptcy (1st Installment)David Gilbert, Garth Foxwell, John Freeman, John Parsons, William Rankine2021per-ahlstrom5cv b12 c6 kegressebudd-bankruptcy-1st-installmentdavid-gilbert garth-foxwell john-freeman john-parsons william-rankine
2021Andrew Cunningham, Leigh Miles, Leslie Farrar, Malcolm Bobitt, Mel Carey, Peter LynchFront Drive Vol 45 No 2 Aug Sept 2021Hartnett, Panhard Dyna Z16, Panhard X45A French Connection (Hartnett), Panhard: The French EnigmaJohn Fleming, Leigh Miles2021andrew-cunningham leigh-miles leslie-farrar malcolm-bobitt mel-carey peter-lynchhartnett panhard-dyna-z16 panhard-x45a-french-connection-hartnett panhard-the-french-enigmajohn-fleming leigh-miles
2021Albert Gerbel, Autocardemarreur Vol 2 No 2 July 2021Ami 6Twins from Different Nests (Ami 6 -Anglia)Ami2021albert-gerbel autocarami-6twins-from-different-nests-ami-6-angliaami
2021Graham Wilson, Julien Lombard, LJK Setright, Malcom Greenway, Ronan Glondemarreur Vol 2 No 1 May 2021CX Instant Car of the Year, CX Missed opportunities., Oldest GSACX25 GTI, Lancia Gamma2021graham-wilson julien-lombard ljk-setright-2 malcom-greenway ronan-gloncx-instant-car-of-the-year cx-missed-opportunities-2 oldest-gsacx25-gti lancia-gamma
2021Dean Larson, Ronan GlonFront Drive Vol 44 No 6 April/May 2021Family 9Bianchina, Seidlitz Citroën Race CarSteve Gercovich2021dean-larson ronan-glonfamily-9bianchina seidlitz-citroen-race-carsteve-gercovich
2021Autocars Anciens de France, Benoît Gruhier, Commercial Motor, http:// http:// htm, Peter Robertsdemarreur Vol 1 No 4 Mar 2021French Coaching Concerns, Genève's Type 45, The Great Citroën Coach & Bus Network: I93I TO I9772021autocars-anciens-de-france benoit-gruhier commercial-motor http-www-citroenet-org-uk-http-leroux-andre-free-fr-smallfourbis-htm peter-robertsfrench-coaching-concerns geneves-type-45 the-great-citroen-coach-bus-network-i93i-to-i977
2021Alan Brown, David Baker, Leigh Miles, Phillipe BerthonnetFront Drive Vol 44 No 5 Feb Mar 2021MehariMehariDavid Baker2021alan-brown david-baker leigh-miles phillipe-berthonnetmeharimeharidavid-baker
2020Leigh Miles, What Car, www.bxworld.netdemarreur Vol 1 No 3 Dec 2020BXBX2020leigh-miles what-car www-bxworld-netbxbx
2020Andrew Cunningham, Leigh Miles, LJK Setright, Mark Ebery, What CarVol 44 No 4 Dec 2020/Jan 2021GS PallasGSA changed but recognisable, GSA Period Piece, Inside Car of the year (GS), Madmen & AdvertisingAndrew Cunningham3 Way Split-1975 G special Renault 12Tl Triumph Toledo, GS2020andrew-cunningham leigh-miles ljk-setright-2 mark-ebery what-cargs-pallasgsa-changed-but-recognisable gsa-period-piece inside-car-of-the-year-gs madmen-advertising3-way-split-1975-g-special-renault-12tl-triumph-toledo gsandrew-cunningham
2020demarreur Vol 1 No 2 Oct 20202020
2020Didier Lane, John Grieve,, Steve Wright, The MotorFront Drive Vol 44 No 3 Oct / Nov 2020Big 6HFrench Iconoclast (Big 6H)John Grieve, Peter StringerBig 6 H2020didier-lane john-grieve justacarguy-blogspot-com steve-wright the-motorbig-6hfrench-iconoclast-big-6hbig-6-hjohn-grieve peter-stringer
2008Bill SchenkVol 31 No 8 Easter 2008Big 6, DyaneBill Schenk, Roy Begelhole2008bill-schenkbig-6 dyanebill-schenk roy-begelhole
2008RetroviseurVol 31 No 7 Feb March 20085CV, Quadrilette2008retroviseur5cv quadrilette
2008Modern MotorVol 31 No 6 Summer 20082CV Van, Big 6, L15, Rosalie TourerGraham McDonald, Peter JamesPanhard Dyna2008modern-motor2cv-van big-6 l15 rosalie-tourerpanhard-dynagraham-mcdonald peter-james
2007Vol 31 No 5 Nov Dec 20072CV VanPeter James20072cv-vanpeter-james
2007AutoExpress, James FoxallVol 31 No 4 Sept Oct 2007Cruise Crosser2007autoexpress james-foxallcruise-crosser
2007RetroviseurVol 31 No 3 Winter 2007C4 Passing Years, There was a C42007retroviseurc4-passing-years there-was-a-c4
2007Auto & Design, Citroenian, Robert CumberfordVol 31 No 1 Autumn 2007C5Citroën's Renaissance2007auto-design citroenian robert-cumberfordc5citroens-renaissance
2007Brian Wade, Graham KeeleyVol 31 No 2 June July 2007DS PicassoGS2007brian-wade graham-keeleyds-picassogs
2020Auto & Design, Citroëvie, Dominique Bellere, Leigh Miles, Paul G Robinson, Traction AvantVol 44 No 2 Supplement Special Design Issue Sept. 2020XMA chance meeting with retired Chief of Styling Automobiles Citroën, Conceptualisation, Dashing Design, Splendilux2020auto-design citroevie dominique-bellere leigh-miles paul-g-robinson traction-avantxma-chance-meeting-with-retired-chief-of-styling-automobiles-citroen conceptualisation dashing-design splendilux
2020Gert Te LinteloVol 44 No 2 Aug/Sept 2020Big 6H, SM, XMSixes on the LevelErol Harvey2020gert-te-lintelobig-6h sm xmsixes-on-the-levelerol-harvey
2020Leigh Miles, Philippe Berthonnet, Robert le TourangeauVol 44 No 1 June July 2020Conquering Space (SM), SM The Right StorySM2020leigh-miles philippe-berthonnet robert-le-tourangeauconquering-space-sm sm-the-right-storysm
2020Russell WadeVol 43 No 6 The 5CV Issue Jan Feb 20205 HP5CV's2020russell-wade5-hp5cvs
2020Geoff Webber, Russell WadeVol 43 No 5 Nov Dec 2019Diesel2020geoff-webber russell-wadediesel
2019Vol 43 No 4 Sept Oct 20192019
2019Vol 43 No 3 July August 20192019
2019Vol 43 No 2 May June 2019XMXM2019xmxm
2019Vol 43 No 1 March April 2019Ami 82019ami-8
2019Vol 42 No 6 Jan Feb 2019Citroën Electric2019citroen-electric
2018Rob LittleVol 42 No 5 Nov Dec 20182 CVJack Weaver2018rob-little2cvjack-weaver
2018Vol 42 No 4 Sept Oct 20182 CV2CV 70yrs20182cv2cv-70yrs
2018Vol 42 No 3 July August 2018Mehari2018mehari
2018Geoff Goodchild, Graeme DennesVol 42 No 2 May June 20182 CV, C62CV Change to disc Brakes, C6 ride better than a D2018geoff-goodchild graeme-dennes2cv c62cv-change-to-disc-brakes c6-ride-better-than-a-d
2018Vol 42 No 1 March April 2018B2CCOCA 40yrsPeter Boyle2018b2-2ccoca-40yrspeter-boyle
2018Vol 41 No 6 Jan Feb 20182018
2017Vol 41 No 5 Nov Dec 2017Campervan2017campervan
2017Vol 41 No 4 Sept Oct 2017Dyane, IDLeigh Miles, Rob Little2017dyane idleigh-miles rob-little
2017Andrew CunninghamVol 41 No 3 Sept Oct 2017Family 9, L15Citroëns in Vietnam2017andrew-cunninghamfamily-9 l15citroens-in-vietnam
2017Vol 41 No 2 May June 2017H Van2017h-van
2017Vol 41 No 1 March April 2017CX, DS2017cx ds
2017Russell WadeVol 40 No 6 Jan Feb 2017Tour de Main Street2017russell-wadetour-de-main-street
2016Vol 40 No 5 Nov Dec 2016GSTour de Lizzie2016gstour-de-lizzie
2016WebsiteVol 40 No 4 Sept Oct 2016Brilliant or Bargain2016websitebrilliant-or-bargain
2016Russell WadeVol 40 No 3 July August 2016C5Javel2016russell-wadec5javel
2016Vol 40 No 2 May June 20162016
2016Vol 40 No 1 March April 2016DSDS Sales Anniversary2016dsds-sales-anniversary
2016Vol 39 No 5 Jan Feb 2016L15Vietnam Traction2016l15vietnam-traction
2015Vol 39 No 4 Nov Dec 20152015
2015Vol 39 No 3 Aug Sept 20152015
2015Vol 39 No 2 June July 2015Graham Letham2015graham-letham
2015Vol 39 No 1 April 2015L15Graeme McDonald2015l15graeme-mcdonald
2015Vol 38 No 8 March 2015L152015l15
2015Loui BurkeVol 38 No 7 Feb 20152015loui-burke
2014Vol 38 No 6 Summer 20142014
2014CitroenianVol 38 No 5 Spring 2014CXAbandoned technologies2014citroeniancxabandoned-technologies
2014MotorVol 38 No 4 October 2014GSGS2014motorgsgs
2014Vol 38 No 3 Winter 2014EthanolC4 Cactus2014ethanolc4-cactus
2014Vol 38 No 2 May 20142014
2014Vol 38 No 1 Autumn 20142014
2014Vol 37 No 8 February 2014C4 PicassoC4 Picasso2014c4-picassoc4-picasso
2013Auto & DesignVol 37 No 7 Summer 2013 2014C32013auto-designc3
2013Australian Motor Manual, Geoff BurfordVol 37 No 6 Nov Dec 2013SMGeoff Burford2013australian-motor-manual geoff-burfordsmgeoff-burford
2013WheelsVol 37 No 5 Spring 2013L15Merger Citroën & PeugeotGordon & Brenda Bell2013wheelsl15merger-citroen-peugeotgordon-brenda-bell
2013Vol 37 No 4 Aug Sept 2013L15Daniel Eberli2013l15daniel-eberli
2013Double Chevron, MotorVol 37 No 3 Winter 2013StyleCX Athena2013double-chevron motorstylecx-athena
2013Mike KillingsworthVol 37 No 2 May June 2013Citroën in Slough, Peking to Paris, There Goes Lecot!2013mike-killingsworthcitroen-in-slough peking-to-paris there-goes-lecot
2013Vol 37 No 1 Autumn 2013Citroën in Posters, Citroën Posters2013citroen-in-posters citroen-posters
2013Leigh Miles, Modern MotorVol 36 No 8 Feb March 2013L15, Onze LegereCitroën in CambodiaPeter Sandow2013leigh-miles modern-motorl15 onze-legerecitroen-in-cambodiapeter-sandow
2013Vol 36 No 7 Summer 2013Rosalie TourerRichard Harris2013rosalie-tourerrichard-harris
2012Vol 36 No 6 Nov Dec 2012L152012l15
2012Leigh MilesVol 36 No 5 Spring 2012Commerciale, Family 9Citroën postage stampsCraig Little2012leigh-milescommerciale family-9citroen-postage-stampscraig-little
2012WheelsVol 36 No 4 Spring 2012B 2, Sizaire-Naudin 19091909 Sizaire-Naudin, Panhard's Swan SongCraig Little2012wheelsb2 sizaire-naudin-19091909-sizaire-naudin panhards-swan-songcraig-little
2012Australian Motor Manual, John ReynoldsVol 36 No 3 Winter 2012Andre CitroënBig 62012australian-motor-manual john-reynoldsandre-citroen-2big-6
2012Vol 36 No 2 June 2012C2 V12, DSRobert OpronMichael Berry2012c2-v12 dsrobert-opronmichael-berry
2012Ralph HibbleVol 36 No 1 Autumn 20122CV Ute Electric2012ralph-hibble2cv-ute-electric
2012Floating PowerVol 35 No 8 March 201211BL, Big 6Rupert's (Maigret) TractionDS42012floatng-power11bl big-6ruperts-maigret-tractionds4
2012Vol 35 No 7 Summer 2012L152012l15
2011Vol 35 No 6 December 20112011
2011Auto & DesignVol 35 No 5 Spring 2011Art BlakesleeDS42011auto-designart-blakesleeds4
2011Vol 35 No 4 September 2011Loeb in Australia, Quai de Javel 1933Graeme & Lee Dennis2011loeb-in-australia quai-de-javel-1933graeme-lee-dennis
2011Vol 35 No 3 Winter 2011Normale2011normale
2011MotorVol 35 No 2 June 2011Tom CampbellAlfasud vs Citroën GS, Normale vs Legere2011motoralfasud-vs-citroen-gs normale-vs-legeretom-campbell
2011Auto & DesignVol 35 No 1 Autumn 2011Big 6, C4Bill SchenkC42011auto-designbig-6 c4c4bill-schenk
2011Vol 34 No 8 March 201111BLPeter Sandow201111blpeter-sandow
2011Vol 34 No 7 Summer 2010 2011L15Peter Boyd2011l15peter-boyd
2010Vol 34 No 6 Nov Dec 20102010
2010La Traction UniversalleVol 34 No 5 Spring 2010Citroën rivals2010la-traction-universallecitroen-rivals
2010Vol 34 No 4 August Sept 2010Citela, Dyane, Dyane SolarElectric Vehicles Citroën2010citela dyane dyane-solarelectric-vehicles-citroen
2010Auto & DesignVol 34 No 3 Winter 20102 CV, C3, Visa2010auto-design2cv c3 visa
2010Vol 34 No 2 May June 2010Charles De Gau lle & DSJeremy Shaw, John, John Vanechop2010charles-de-gau-lle-dsjeremy-shaw john john-vanechop
2010Vol 34 No 1 Autumn 2010L15Cooper Racing Cars, Too Many Wins(Traction US)Peter Lorrie2010l15cooper-racing-cars too-many-winstraction-uspeter-lorrie
2010Vol 33 No 8 Autumn 20102010
2010Vol 33 No 7 Feb March 20092010
2009Daily TelegraphVol 33 No 6 Summer 2009C32009daily-telegraphc3
2009Auto & DesignVol 33 No 5 Nov Dec 2009C5Bugatti Queen2009auto-designc5bugatti-queen
2009Brian Wade, Helen CrossVol 33 No 4 Sept Oct 200975 Hours in Arras, French Tractions in Aus2009brian-wade helen-cross75-hours-in-arras french-tractions-in-aus
2009Vol 33 No 3 Winter 20092009
2009la Bombe CitroënVol 33 No 2 Autumn 2009DSDS Music in your car2009la-bombe-citroendsds-music-in-your-car
2009Vol 33 No 1 May June 20092009
2009CitroenianVol 32 No 8 March April 2009Change & Continuity2009citroenianchange-continuity
2009Vol 32 No 7 Feb Mar 2009Citroën in the USA2009citroen-in-the-usa
2008Leigh MilesVol 32 No 6 Summer 200911BLCitroën in ArgentinaBrian & Esther Wade2008leigh-miles11blcitroen-in-argentinabrian-esther-wade
2008Vol 32 No 5 Nov Dec 20082008
2008Vol 32 No 4 Sept Oct 20082008
2008CitroenianVol 32 No 3 Winter 2008PanhardDyna Z2008citroenianpanharddyna-z
2008AutocarVol 32 No 2 June July 2008Big 6HBill SchenkTraction 6 H2008autocarbig-6htraction-6-hbill-schenk
2008Vol 32 No 1 Autumn 20082008
2007Andrew McDougallVol 30 No 8 March April 2007Motoring World2007andrew-mcdougallmotoring-world
2007Andrew McDougall, Leigh Miles, What CarVol 30 No 7 Jan Feb 2007Traction CabrioletMotoring WorldCX 22002007andrew-mcdougall leigh-miles what-cartraction-cabriolet cabrioletmotoring-worldcx-2200
2006Vol 30 No 6 Summer 2006Big 6Bill Schenk2006big-6bill-schenk
2006Vol 30 No 5 Oct Nov 20062006
2006AutomobileVol 30 No 4 Aug Sept 2006C4 Picasso, PanhardLimelight to Twilight (Panhard)John Fleming2006automobilec4-picasso panhardlimelight-to-twilight-panhardjohn-fleming
2006John FlemingVol 30 No 3 June July 200611BLPanhard & LevassorBob Shackley2006john-fleming11blpanhard-levassorbob-shackley
2006Roger BrundleVol 30 No 2 Autummn 20062 CV50 ans - Citroën DSMark Ebery2006roger-brundle2cv50-ans-citroen-dsmark-ebery
2006AutocarVol 30 No 1 Apr May 2006VisaLeigh MilesVisa GTi2006autocarvisavisa-gtileigh-miles
2006Vol 29 No 08 Feb Mar 20062006
2005Vol 29 No 06 Summer 2005DyaneLJK SetrightRoy Begelhole2005dyaneljk-setrightroy-begelhole
2006Vol 29 No 07 Dec 05 Jan 2006L15Tim Waters2006l15tim-waters
2005WheelsVol 29 No 05 Oct Nov 2005DSDS2005wheelsdsds
2005Australian Motor ManualVol 29 No 04 Aug Sep 2005L15Citroën from SloughJohn Fleming2005australian-motor-manuall15citroen-from-sloughjohn-fleming
2005WheelsVol 29 No 03 June July 2005DSDS2005wheelsdsds
2005Cars, WheelsVol 29 No 02 Winter 2005DS19Roger BrundleDS, DS192005cars wheelsds19ds ds19roger-brundle
2005Auto & Design, Modern MotorVol 28 No 09 Autumn 2005Big 6H, C4Citroën Racing, Citroën's Bombshell (DS19)2005auto-design modern-motorbig-6h c4citroen-racing citroens-bombshell-ds19
2005CitroenianVol 28 No 08 Feb Mar 2005XMFailure of the XMJohn Fleming2005citroenianxmfailure-of-the-xmjohn-fleming
2005Mark EberyVol 28 No 07 Summer 2005GSRolf Breyer2005mark-eberygsrolf-breyer
2005Vol 28 No 6 Dec 04 Jan 05RoadsterMax Lewis2005roadstermax-lewis
2004Warren Seidel, What CarVol 28 No 5 Oct Nov 2004Big 15 LangenthalC3 Pluriel2004warren-seidel what-carbig-15-decapotablec3-pluriel
2004Mark Ebery, The MotorVol 28 No 4 Aug Sept 20Ami 6, Ami 8, XsaraGoodbye XsaraPhil WardAmi2004mark-ebery the-motorami-6 ami-8 xsaragoodbye-xsaraamiphil-ward
2004Vol 28 No 3 Winter 2004SMMark McKibbonSM2004smsmmark-mckibbon
2004CarVol 28 No 1 April May 2004CXLeigh MilesCX GTi Turbo-BMW M535i-Rover2102004carcxcx-gti-turbo-bmw-m535i-rover210leigh-miles
2004Vol 27 No 6 Feb March 2004Big 6Effie Moore2004big-6effie-moore
2004Vol 27 No 5 Dec 03 Jan 042004
2003Vol 27 No 4 Oct Nov 20032003
2003Mark EberyVol 27 No 3 Aug Sept 2003Double Chevron in China2003mark-eberydouble-chevron-in-china
2003Vol 27 No 2 June July 20032003
2003Vol 27 No 1 April May 20032003
2003Vol 26 No 6 Feb Mar 20032003
2003Vol 26 No 5 Dec Jan 20032003
2002Vol 26 No 4 Oct Nov 20022002
2002Vol 26 No 3 Aug Sept 2002Big 6Mel Carey2002big-6mel-carey
2002Mike Neil, Motor SportVol 26 No 2 June July 2002Big 62002mike-neil motor-sportbig-6
2002Vol 26 No 1 Apr May 2002Papa & Citroën the Same Thing2002papa-citroen-the-same-thing
2002Daily Telegraph, Ian MacdermottVol 25 No 6 Feb March 2002OltcitPapa & Citroën the Same Thing, Was this the last "real" Citroën?2002daily-telegraph ian-macdermottoltcitpapa-citroen-the-same-thing was-this-hte-last-real-citroen
2001Vol 25 No 5 Dec Jan 2001RoadsterMax Lewis2001roadstermax-lewis
2001CitroenianVol 25 No 4 Oct Nov 20012 CVIs it a real Citroën2001citroenian2cvis-it-a-real-citroen
2001Ian SperlingVol 25 No 3 Aug Sept 2001John Couche2001ian-spurlingjohn-couche
2001Dave BurdettVol 25 No 2 June July 20012 CVStopping a 2CV gearbox unwinding2001dave-burdett2cvstopping-a-2cv-gearbox-unwinding
2001Citroenian, Nigel WildVol 25 No 1 Apr May 2001DSSuspension of Disbelief2001citroenian nigel-wilddssuspension-of-disbelief
2001Vol 24 No 6 Feb March 20012001
2000Warren SeidelVol 24 No 5 Dec Jan 2000Big 15 Langenthal2000warren-seidelbig-15-decapotable
2000Vol 24 No 4 Oct Nov 2000The Faces of Citroën2000the-faces-of-citroen
2000Brian Wade, Daily TelegraphVol 24 No 3 Aug Sep 2000Putting Cars in the Picture2000brian-wade daily-telegraphputting-cars-in-the-picture
2000Car Australia, John Reynolds, Paul AtaudVol 24 No 2 June July 2000Big 15 LangenthalDouble Chevron, F. Lecot's long-distance drive, Sensaud de Lavaud Part 2Warren SeidelBX2000car-australia john-reynolds paul-ataudbig-15-decapotabledouble-chevron f-lecots-long-distance-drive sensaud-de-lavaud-part-2bxwarren-seidel
2000Australian Motor Sport, John Reynolds, June D Watkins-Wheels, Motor Manual, WheelsVol 24 No 1 April May 2000Big 6, DS, Traction CabrioletA Women's opinion 2CV in 1954, Andre Lefebvre, Citroën Advertising, Don Wright Citroën Special, Slough 1st shipment of Goddess2 CV, GS2000australian-motor-sport john-reynolds june-d-watkins-wheels motor-manual wheelsbig-6 ds traction-cabriolet cabrioleta-womens-opinion-2cv-in-1954 andre-lefebvre citroen-advertising don-wright-citroen-special slough-1st-shipment-of-goddess2-cv gs 2cv-typeaz
2000Vol 23 No 6 Feb March 2000Citroën Advertising2000citroen-advertising
1999Alan Brown, Julian Marsh CitroenianVol 23 No 5 Dec Jan 1999PicassoCitroën Advertising, Citroën Rally Cars, DS in Motor Sport, Local Racing Citroëns, Sensaud de Lavaud Part 1, Ups & Downs Citroën SuspensionGS1999alan-brown julian-marsh-citroenianpicassocitroen-advertising citroen-rally-cars ds-in-motor-sport local-racing-citroens sensaud-de-lavaud-part-1 ups-downs-citroen-suspensiongs
1999Vol 23 No 4 Oct Nov 199911B, 11BLJack Weaver Story, Louis Renault Andre Citroën199911b 11bl tractionjack-weaver-story louis-renault-andre-citroen
1999Vol 23 No 3 Aug Sept 1999GS, L15, Traction 7 CAustraction History 1977 - 1999, Jack Weaver Story, Louis Renault Andre CitroënMary Lou Keogh, Mel CareyCX History by Year, GS and GSA History by Year1999gs l15 traction-7-c tractionaustraction-history-1977-1999 jack-weaver-story louis-renault-andre-citroencx-history-by-year gs-and-gsa-history-by-yearmary-lou-keogh mel-carey
1999Brian WadeVol 23 No 2 June July 1999Traction 7B21 Years of CC, Jack Weaver StoryCocinelle, Project C-60, Prototype "S" 19651999brian-wadetraction-7b21-years-of-cc jack-weaver-storycocinelle project-c-60 prototype-s-1965-prototypes prototypes
1999Chester McKaigeVol 23 No 1 April May 1999Traction 7AAndre Citroën's First Nightmare1999chester-mckaigetraction-7a tractionandre-citroens-first-nightmare
1999Vol 22 No 6 Feb Mar 1999Joint Venture in China1999joint-venture-in-china
1999Vol 22 No 4 Dec 1998 Jan 19991999
1998Daily Telegraph, LJK SetrightVol 22 No 3 Sept Oct 19982 CV, Dyane, Xantia1998daily-telegraph ljk-setright-22cv dyane xantia
1998Auto & Design, Restored Cars MagazineVol 22 No 2 July Aug1998ZXUnleaded Petrol - The Lies ofZX1998auto-design restored-cars-magazinezxunleaded-petrol-the-lies-ofzx
1998Daily TelegraphVol 22 No 1 May June 199811BL, CCV Chrysler, RoadsterCCOCA ConstitutionPeter Sandow1998daily-telegraph11bl ccv-chrysler roadsterccoca-constitutionpeter-sandow
1997Leigh Miles, Stephen BartlettVol 21 No 4 (b) Christmas 1997XsaraBerlingo, Xsara1997leigh-miles stephen-bartlettxsaraberlingo xsara
1998Citroën Car Club USA, What CarVol 21 No 6 March April 19982 CV, L15, LomaxPower & PoliticsGeoff & Denise Hooler1998citroen-car-club-usa what-car2cv l15 lomaxpower-politicsgeoff-denise-hooler
1998Car, Citroën Front Line, Modern MotorVol 21 No 5 JanFeb 1998Activa 1, Activa 2Keeper of the Chevrons1998car citroen-front-line modern-motoractiva-1 activa-2 activakeeper-of-the-chevrons
1997Bob MacQueen, Brian Wade, Classic Motorist, John Reynolds, P DumontVol 21 No 4 (a) Nov Dec 19972 CV, 5CV, DS, Family 92CV Development of, Déesse Australien, Traction beginning of5CV1997bob-macqueen brian-wade classic-motorist john-reynolds p-dumont2cv 5cv ds family-92cv-development-of deesse-australien traction-beginning-of5cv
1997WheelsVol 21 No 3 Aug Sept 1997Panhard, Xsara1997wheelspanhard xsara
1997Phil WardVol 21 No 2 June July 19972 CVH Van1997phil-ward2cvh-van
1997Vol 21 No 1 May June 1997GS, GSA, Pickup, SafariCitroën British PerspectiveMark Beran Adam ShielsBerlingo, Bijou, Slough built D's, Xantia1997gs gsa pickup safaricitroen-british-perspectiveberlingo bijou slough-built-ds xantiamark-beran-adam-shiels
1997Alan Brown, Lucien RosengartVol 20 No 7 March April 1997Xantia T DieselCitroën est Mort, Pain & paroles1997alan-brown lucien-rosengartxantia-t-dieselcitroen-est-mort pain-paroles
1997Car, Peter Fitzgerald, WheelsVol 20 No 6 Jan Feb 1997Ami 8, Visa1997car peter-fitzgerald wheelsami-8 visa
1996Bill Graham, Kathy Rushton, Steve CropleyVol 20 No 5 Nov Dec 19962 CV1996bill-graham kathy-rushton steve-cropley2cv
1996UnknownVol 20 No 4 Sept Oct 1996 (No 3 incorrect)2 CV, Big 6, DS19, Xantia1996unknown2cv big-6 ds19 xantia
1996Classic & Sports CarVol 20 No 2 May June 1996Méhari versus Mini Moke1996classic-sports-carmehari-versus-mini-moke
1996Vol 20 No 1 Mar Apr1996Alternative Power 2-gas GenerationBig 61996alternative-power-2-gas-generationbig-6
1996Bernard Citroën, Jean-Eric RaoulVol 19 No 5 Jan 199622CV, SMParis - Deauville'en 22, SM Régembeau Papy1996bernard-citroen jean-eric-raoul22cv smparis-deauvilleen-22 sm-regembeau-papy
1995AutocarVol 19 No 4 Christmas 1995Citroën DS 21 & NSU Ro801995autocarcitroen-ds-21-nsu-ro80
1995Bill Graham, TraksjonVol 19 No 3 Aug Sept 1995Traction CabrioletCabriolets from Vietnam, Citroën in Vietnam, Tractions in Vietnam1995bill-graham traksjontraction-cabriolet cabrioletcabriolets-from-vietnam citroen-in-vietnam tractions-in-vietnam
1995Vol 19 No 2 June July 19951995
1995Bill GrahamVol 19 No 1 April May 1995IDRoger BrundleGoddess or God-damned1995bill-grahamidgoddess-or-god-damnedroger-brundle
1995Bill Graham, Citroenian, What CarVol 18 No 6 Feb March 1995DS 21 Cabriolet, Roadster, Visa CabrioletJulian Brown1995bill-graham citroenian what-cards-21-cabriolet roadster visa-cabriolet cabrioletjulian-brown
1995Vol 18 No 5 Jan 1995Half Tracks in Australia, Kegresse1995half-tracks-in-aus kegresse
1994Vol 18 No 4 Christmas 19941994
1994Floating PowerVol 18 No 3 Aug Sept 1994Big 6Mackerras Trust & Trophy, One Man's DreamMel Carey1994floatng-powerbig-6mackerras-trust-trophy ose-mans-dreammel-carey
1994Bill GrahamVol 18 No 2 June July 1994The Traction Arrieres1994bill-grahamthe-traction-arrieres
1994Leigh MilesVol 18 No 1 April May 19941970's vs 1090's1994leigh-miles1970s-vs-1090s
1994Russell WadeVol 17 No 6 Feb Mar 19942 CVDS Buyer's Guide1994russell-wade2cvds-buyers-guide
1993Vol 17 No 5 Dec Jan 1993 19942CV Van19932cv-van
1993John Henderson, Ray Nilsson, Stirling MossVol 17 No 4 Oct Nov1993Xantia T DieselMichelin & Bibendum1993john-henderson ray-nilsson stirling-mossxantia-t-dieselmichelin-bibendum
1993Peter FitzgeraldVol 17 No 3 Aug Sept 1993Suspensions That ThinkColleen, Graham McDonald1993peter-fitzgeraldsuspensions-that-thinkcolleen graham-mcdonald
1993Vol 17 No 2 June July 1993Big 61993big-6
1993Leigh MilesVol 17 No 1 May June 1993Xantia1993leigh-milesxantia
1992Leigh Miles, Paul WilliamsVol 16 No 2 Xmas 19921992leigh-miles paul-williams
1992Alan Gibbons, Bill Graham, Peter Fitzgerald, Russell Wade, Sports Car World, WheelsVol 16 No 1 Winter 19922CV VanAustralian Citroen Diesels, Don Wright Citroën SpecialDyna Panhard 541992alan-gibbons bill-graham peter-fitzgerald russell-wade sports-car-world wheels2cv-vanaustralian-citroen-diesels don-wright-citroen-specialdyna-panhard-54
1991Australian Motor Sport, Leon SimsVol 15 No 5 Autumn 1992The Light Car & Cycle Car11.4 HP Citroën1991australian-motor-sport leon-simsthe-light-car-cycle-car11-4-hp-citroen
1991Bill Graham, Ron LawrenceVol 15 No 4 Summer 1991CabrioletCabrios in Australia, Desert Storm1991bill-graham ron-lawrencecabrioletcabrios-in-australia desert-storm
1991Vol 15 No 3 Spring 19911991
1991Motor Industry Management, Ron LawrenceVol 15 No 2 Winter 1991L15Citroen's HallMark, Desert StormXM Turbo Diesel1991motor-industry-management ron-lawrencel15citroens-hallmark desert-stormxm-turbo-diesel
1991Vol 15 No 1 Autumn 1991Type AMarc Fellman1991type-amarc-fellman
1991Bob MacQueen, Car, LJK Setright, Practical ClassicsVol 14 No 4 Summer 19912 CVLess is More2CV (TypeAZ), Buying a 2CV1991bob-macqueen car ljk-setright practical-classics2cvless-is-more2cv-typeaz buying-a-2cv
1990David Gries, T R NicholsonVol 14 No 3 Spring 1990Big 6, Torpedo, Type AFive Roads to DangerGordon Smith, Jon Faine1990david-gries t-r-nicholsonbig-6 torpedo type-afive-roads-to-dangergordon-smith jon-faine
1990Rob Jansen (Traksjon), UnknownVol 14 No 2 Winter 199022CV1990rob-jansen-traksjon unknown22cv
1990Bill Graham, David Hawtin, The AutomobileVol 14 No 1 Autumn 1990C6FThe Traction Arrieres1990bill-graham david-hawtin the-automobilec6fthe-traction-arrieres
1989Vol 13 No 4 Summer 1989 199011BLTom Campbell198911bltom-campbell
1989Bill GrahamVol 13 No 3 Spring 19891989bill-graham
1989UnknownVol 13 No 2 Winter 1989L15Chris & Bev Bennet1989unknownl15chris-bev-bennet
1989Vol 13 No 1 Jan Feb 19891989
1988Australian Motor Manual, Car AustraliaVol 12 No 4 Nov Dec 198840 yrs of the Deuche, The Great Race1988australian-motor-manual car-australia40-yrs-of-the-deuche the-great-race
1988Bill GrahamVol 12 No 3 Sept Oct 1988Kegresse1988bill-grahamkegresse
1988Bill GrahamVol 12 No 2 July August 1988VisaLeigh Miles1988bill-grahamvisaleigh-miles
1988Bill Graham, Immo MikloweitVol 12 No 1 May June 1988Big 6The Citroën in Germany1988bill-graham immo-mikloweitbig-6the-citroen-in-germany
1988Tim DurbridgeVol 11 No 6 Mar April 19L15Nigel Scott1988tim-durbridgel15nigel-scott
1988Vol 11 No 5 Jan Feb 19881988
1987Vol 11 No 4 Nov Dec19871987
1987Vol 11 No 3 Sept Oct 1987IDNance Clarke1987idnance-clarke
1987P J Dardinier, Peter SimmenaeurVol 11 No 2 July August 1987Kegresse, L15KegresseBrian & Esther Wade1987p-j-dardinier peter-simmenaeurkegresse l15kegressebrian-esther-wade
1987Australian Motor Manual, Bill GrahamVol 11 No 1 May June1987Big 15KegressePeter Simmenaeur1987australian-motor-manual bill-grahambig-15kegressepeter-simmenaeur
1987Bill Graham, Car Australia, WheelsVol 10 No 6 March April 1987AX, BX, CX, SMChris & Bev Bennet1987bill-graham car-australia wheelsax bx cx smchris-bev-bennet
1987Vol 10 No 5 Jan Feb 1987HY VanPhil & Regina Ward1987hy-vanphil-regina-ward
1986The MotorVol 10 No 4 Nov Dec 1986L15Lance CollinsBijou1986the-motorl15bijoulance-collins
1986Bill GrahamVol 10 No 3 Sept Oct 19861986bill-graham
1986Vol 10 No 2 July August 1986Hartnett The Aussie Link1986hartnett-the-aussie-link
1986Citroenian, Peter BurdenVol 10 No 1 May June 1986BX, CXBX, CX Series 21986citroenian peter-burdenbx cxbx cx-series-2
1986Australian Motor Manual, The AutocarVol 9 No 6 Mar Apr 1986Big 6Dyna Panhard 541986australian-motor-manual the-autocarbig-6dyna-panhard-54
1986Bernard Carat, Peter SimmenaeurVol 9 No 5 Jan Feb 1986Family 9Nunc est Bibendum (Michelin)Family 91986bernard-carat peter-simmenaeurfamily-9nunc-est-bibendum-michelinfamily-9
1985Vol 9 No 4 Nov Dec 19852 CVJohn Locke19852cvjohn-locke
1985Bill Graham, Daniel BehrmanVol 9 No 3 Sept Oct 1985Birth of the Ds1985bill-graham daniel-behrmanbirth-of-the-ds
1985Robyn CoucheVol 9 No 2 Julu Aug 198511BLGabriel de Figeuiredo1985robyn-couche11blgabriel-de-figeuiredo
1985Peter SimmenaeurVol 9 No 1 May June 1985Light 12Citroën Cousin PanhardShane Correa1985peter-simmenaeurlight-12citroen-cousin-panhardshane-correa
1985Vol 8 No 6 Mar Apr 19851985
1985Vol 8 No 5 Jan Feb 19851985
1984Bill GrahamVol 8 No 4 Nov Dev 1984Liberation of Paris1984bill-grahamliberation-of-paris
1984Vol 8 No 3 Sep Oct 1984Big 15Dennis Walton1984big-15dennis-walton
1984Vol 8 No 2 Jul Aug 19841984
1984John CoucheVol 8 No 1 May June 19841984john-couche
1984Bill Graham, Motor Sport, Olivier de Serres, The AutocarVol 7 No 6 Mar Apr 1984Big 15 Roadster, CoupeCoupés de Grace1984bill-graham motor-sport olivier-de-serres the-autocarbig15-roadster coupecoupes-de-grace
1984Bill Graham, Jack WeaverVol 7 No 5 Jan Feb 1984ID Turbo1984bill-graham jack-weaverid-turbo
1983John CoucheVol 7 No 4 No Dec 19835CV's1983john-couche5cvs
1983Peter FitzgeraldVol 7 No 3 Sept Oct 19832 CV, Ami 6, Ami 8David Gries, Leigh Miles, Mark McKibbon, Russell Wade1983david-gries-peter-fitzgerald david-gries2cv ami-6 ami-8david-gries leigh-miles mark-mckibbon russell-wade
1983Alternative Cars, Didier Lane, Peter Simmenaeur, Serge BelluVol 7 No 2 July Aug 1983Big 6, Big 6HBig 61983alternative-cars didier-lane peter-simmenaeur serge-bellu-peter-simmenauerbig-6 big-6hbig-6
1983John CoucheVol 7 No 1 May June 19831983john-couche
1983John CoucheVol 6 No 6 Mar Apr 198311BL, L15Brian & Esther Wade1983john-couche11bl l15brian-esther-wade
1983John CoucheVol 6 No 5 Jan Feb 1983B 21983john-coucheb2
1982Russell WadeVol 6 No 4 Nov Dec 1982Diesel1982russell-wadediesel
1982Vol 6 No 3 Sept Oct 19821982
1982Bill Graham, Robyn CoucheVol 6 No 2 July Aug 1982Peter Damman1982bill-graham robyn-couchepeter-damman
1982John CoucheVol 6 No 1 May June 1982Family 91982john-couchefamily-9
1982The MotorVol 5 No 6 Mar Apr 1982Type A1982the-motortype-a
1982Motor ManualVol 5 No 5 Jan Feb 19822 CV2CV (TypeAZ), The Canberra Times1982motor-manual2cv2cv-typeaz the-canberra-times
1981Vol 5 No 4 Nov Dec 19811981
1981The MotorVol 5 No 3 Sept Oct 1981Big 15, Light FifteenBig 15, Light Fifteen1981the-motorbig-15 light-fifteenbig-15 light-fifteen
1981Mark NavinVol 5 No 2 Jul Aug 1981Coupe, L15, Light 12Richard Howarth1981mark-navincoupe l15 light-12richard-howarth
1981WheelsVol 5 No 1 May June 1981Traction1981wheelstraction
1981Peter FitzgeraldVol 4 No 6 Feb Mar 19812CV VanPeter Fitzgerald1981peter-fitzgerald2cv-vanpeter-fitzgerald
1981John CoucheVol 4 No 5 Dec Jan 19811981john-couche
1980Motor SportVol 4 No 4 Oct Nov 1980Big 61980motor-sportbig-6
1980Vol 4 No 3 Aug Sep 1980M35Wankel1980m35wankel
1980Mark Navin, The MotorVol 4 No 2 Jun Jul 1980DS19DS191980mark-navin the-motords19ds19
1980Mark NavinVol 4 No1 Apr May 198022CV22CV1980mark-navin22cv22cv
1980Vol No 6 Feb Mar 19801980
1979, 1980L'AutomobilisteVol 3 No 5 Dec 79 Jan 1980L15Francois Lecot1979 1980lautomobilistel15francois-lecot
1979Mark Navin, The MotorVol 3 No 4 Oct Nov 79Diesel, L15Light Fifteen1979mark-navin the-motordiesel l15light-fifteen
1979Car & Driver, Kym HardingVol 3 No 3 Aug Sept 19792 CV, KegresseEastern Odyessy2CV (TypeAZ)1979car-driver kym-harding2cv kegresseeastern-odyessy2cv-typeaz
1979Alec Menhinick, Mark Navin, Peter Simmenaeur, The MotorVol 3 No 2 June July 1979KegresseKegresse1979alec-menhinick mark-navin peter-simmenaeur the-motorkegressekegresse
1979Mark NavinVol 3 No1 Apr May 1979Big 151979mark-navinbig-15
1979The MotorVol 2 No 6 Feb Mar 1979Big 6, Big 6HDick Brewster, Wal BurkhardtBig 61979the-motorbig-6 big-6hbig-6dick-brewster wal-burkhardt
1978Mark NavinVol 2 No 5 Dec 1978 Jan 1979Arrival of Tractions1978mark-navinarrival-of-tractions
1978Ken GilbertFront Drive Vol 2 No 4 Oct Nov 1978Don Wright Citroën Special1978ken-gilbertdon-wright-citroen-special
1978Max Poole, The Autocar, The MotorVol 2 No 3 Aug Sep 197811 CV, 2 CV2CV (TypeAZ)1978max-poole the-autocar the-motor11-cv 2cv2cv-typeaz
1978Mark NavinVol 2 No 2 June July 1978L15Vive La DifferenceRod Greschke1978mark-navinl15vive-la-differencerod-greschke
1978The MotorVol 2 No 1 April May 1978Big 6Big 61978the-motorbig-6big-6
1978Mark Navin, Roger Brundle, Wayne AllenVol 1 No 3 Feb Mar1978André Citroën, Citroen History1978mark-navin roger-brundle wayne-allenandre-citroen citroen-history
1978The MotorVol 1 No 2 Dec 1977 Jan 19782 CV, Light FifteenLight Fifteen1978the-motor2cv light-fifteenlight-fifteen
1977Vol 1 No 1 Oct 19771977