Graeme Stanton

For those members who knew Graeme Stanton and did not attend his funeral Ted Cross
has kindly written a few words about the service and supplied an Order of Service.

“Yesterday, we sadly attended the unexpected funeral of Graeme Stanton who was a longstanding CCOCA member. There were several members of CCOCA and CCCV there; including  our president Max Lewis.
Graeme was born on 1/3/1934 and passed away on 5/5/2016.He was fondly remembered by those many people who attended the funeral and we heard many stories about Graeme and his early years. Many of these family stories were news to me.During his life Graeme was a loving husband to Lyn, magician, successful businessman,  keen fisherman and aboats-man, longstanding Peugeot tragic and more recently a keen Citroen owner. Over his life his joy of family and entertaining others was clearly revealed. We have all enjoyed seeing Lyn, Graeme and Glenis at Oz-traction and Cit-in events over the years and we will miss those special times we had together.

We send our heartfelt condolences to Lyn and her family and we trust that Lyn will decide to continue with her CCOCA friendships in future.

Ted Cross
12/05/2016 ”
Click on link for Order of Service.     Graeme Stanton Order of Service

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