Spare Parts

These services are only available to CCOCA members.

The Spare Parts Officer is in close and regular contact with Citroën clubs and suppliers around the world, and will source new parts for all Citroën models where practicable, and will advise on other available sources.

The Club also initiates re-manufacture of parts for older vehicles, and is in regular contact with those large overseas clubs which often re-manufacture on a large scale.

Prices where shown are only an indication as they vary continually due to price fluctuations and changing exchange rates.
If using the parts catalogue illustrations when ordering a part, check that the part number corresponds with the one the club has as there are often several numbers for the one part on the diagrams.

To make an order contact Spare Parts Officer Lance Wearne 



Brakes & Drive Shafts
Engine & Clutch
Gearbox & Differential
Suspension & Steering
Body & General
Big 6


2 CV Parts  only one item

1881203  Retro power 12v to 6v for wiper/fuel gauge  x1   $90.70


D19 Parts