Thermostat for your Traction

Keeping your Traction happy with a thermostat.

Having become fully acquainted with the workings of the mighty “Perfo Power Train” in my Lt 15 during the course of its restoration, I noticed as probably everybody else has that no thermostat is fitted as an original part. Without going in to too much detail these devices help engine performance by regulating a more even engine temperature especially in cooler climates. During my research for improvements which could be implemented during a Traction engine/car restoration I found a small article in the TOC magazine by Roger Williams which is worth checking out if you can. In that article he makes a couple of points, if you fit a thermostat fit an expansion bottle and check that the return valve on the top tank is working. The thermostat he suggests to use is one out of a Renault 5 designed to fit in the top radiator hose itself. On the traction this is where the top hose connects to the water pump. If the insertion and fitting of the thermostat pushes up the hose and it touches the bonnet then remove 3-4 mm from the top of the outlet pipe on the water pump, also fit a hose clamp to hold the thermostat in position where it sits inside the hose above where it is clamped to the pump outlet.

The tricky part in all this was getting hold of the thermostat. The one out of the Renault 5 that Roger suggested is a QTH 205. Now while I was able to get correct Renault part number off the www it turns out Renault in Australia do not stock it. There is one available locally that fits into the hose but doesn’t sit very well on top of the pump outlet because of its design. (In hindsight this may not be the problem I thought it would be as if it is held in place by a separate hose clamp it could be put anywhere along the outlet hose). My solution was “relative”ly simple, my French son in law has a friend in France who recognised the little beast straight away and “voila” I now have four of them (why stop a one), they cost about 14 euro each . If anybody needs more info drop me a line.

Happy Tractioning,

Peter Stringer

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