Addendum to thermostat article by Peter Stringer

Here is a news flash for all those wanting to fit a thermostat in their tractions. I have finally found the Tridon equivalent for the one used in the Renault 5 that I talked about in an earlier blog. It has the same diameter as the French Vernet brand so should push into the top hose ok.

The part number is TT237-180P, the 180 stands for degrees F which is about 82 deg C. There are two other different temp to choose -170P at 77 deg C and -192P at 89 deg C. I chose the 180P as that was the same temp as the Vernet, the higher operating temp 192P may be better, let me know what you think.

I paid $71.50 and got it through Auto One in Sydney.

Peter Stringer

From Web Wallah:

Also received this information as well from Michael Hose & a much earlier comment which I neglected to post from Frank Scott.

Michael Hose.

Regarding the fitment of a thermostat to the Traction vide the last magazine, the Australian company Tridon currently lists P/No TT237-180P with the same specificationsas the item used by Peter. Any supplier would be able to source them for about $20.

Frank Scott.

Hello Bruce .  read the article by Peter , and chatted briefly.     Would you please pass on to Peter that I’like one of the thermostats he brought in from France .

I followed up with   the main supplier in Aust,   wibroc ?  ( should know)    anyway they sellonly one  , of the same style as Peter brought in .  It is too big diameter @ 42 mm (Traction water hose is 38 mm  1  ½’’

I also reread your article on coolants   (great sympathy with your  concerns  for engine damage .   I’ve done a lot of miles in the bush during the ‘60s and ‘70s,  plenty of leaks  and holed  radiators)

Eggs into COLD water ,    or ground pepper  , worked well.  Never had any success with  the stop leak products of the day .    black Bostic worked well if you cut away the fins, to expose the damagd tube, and could flair it  some.

Finally,  What coolant to use today .  certainly Not the organic additives.  ( in older, and classic engines ,often with copper and brass,  which for me means older Cummins and Caterpillar engines, not a good choice . also,  these organic acids  cause leaks, in weeks , at water gaskets and  O rings. )

I use  TRIZONE  Multi Tech  Plus ;   in older machines , and have for years in my   1942 Willys Jeep.          Yes it is green, (the Trizone )  has some glycole   33%;  though at 20 :1 mix   not much.
Anyway,  etholene glycole  is,  a wetting agent: . for the coolant to better protect the liners .

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